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About Me

Me and hubs on the top of Carew Tower on our anniversary

Here’s a brief rundown of who I am:

  • Married to Jesse for seven years, together for 11. He is everything.
  • Mom to two adorable, smart, ridiculous, frustrating girls (see their birth stories here!)
  • Originally from Texas, but I claim Ohio as home.
  • Potterhead since the beginning.
  • Music major, then seminarian, then shop worker, then stay at home mom.
  • Coffee is life.
  • Hardcore Whovian.
  • Emotionally volatile, but extremely loving.
  • PPD survivor.
  • Obsessed with The Decemberists.
  • Homesteader wannabe.
  • Trying, and often failing, to parent gently.
  • Singer. Reader. Bleeding-heart liberal.


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