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Two weeks of keto

New haircut! Giving me as much confidence as two weeks on a new diet.

It’s been two weeks since I switched to a high fat, low carb diet. So far, things are mostly going well.

This week’s weight loss was two pounds. That brings me to 6.5 total pounds lost so far. Woo!!!

Some of the NSVs from this past week:

  • We had an extremely high stress week, and we managed to make it through with me sticking to my diet.
  • Some leggings Jesse had bought for me last Christmas that have always been pretty tight were pretty comfortable when I put them on.
  • I have a bra that has required a bra extender for the entire time I’ve owned it, and I can now fasten it without it.
  • My kitchen/house are STILL staying clean. Yay!
  • We’re saving money by not eating out.
  • My fridge isn’t too full because we’re actually eating the food we’re buying.
  • I’m feeling more confident with myself.

I’m trying out at least one new recipe each week. This week, I made this shrimp scampi for Sunday family lunch that we do with my parents. It was really delicious! Also really easy to make and very quick to come together. My only issue with it is that it was not quite as filling as I had hoped. I do have a solution for next time.

I’ve borrowed a cookbook from the library – Keto Made Easy by Megha Barot and Matt Gaedke. OMG YOU GUYS. THIS COOKBOOK. IS EVERYTHING. It has so many great recipes, including keto waffles, pancakes, BREAD, CAKE, etc. This is definitely a cookbook that I want to own, and I don’t often want to buy cookbooks.

So next time I make the shrimp scampi, I plan on also having some of the keto bread around, and I’ll use it to make garlic bread/toast to go along with it. I think that’ll round out the meal nicely.

Also, I mentioned last week that my sleep hasn’t been great lately. Well, I figured out what the issue is. It’s coffee. *tears* But actually, it’s just my afternoon coffee. On the weekends especially, Jesse and I have often spent naptime drinking coffee and watching Classic Doctor Who. It’s a pretty easy fix; I’ve just quit drinking coffee any later than 2 pm. Since I quit doing that, I’m getting tired a lot earlier, which isn’t fun, but when I go to bed, I’m falling asleep quickly. Woo!!!

That’s pretty much it for now. Unless something big happens before, I’ll update you all again next Monday!!

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