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Week 1 Update (…a day late)

It’s officially been a week since I’ve switched to a keto diet! Well, yesterday, anyway. Technically, I’ve been keto for 8 days now.

The news that everyone wants to know: I lost 4.5 lbs this past week. Wowza! I don’t expect to keep that pace; everything I’ve read tells me that in the first week, a lot of water weight is lost. 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week is more typical from here on out.

Some of my non-scale victories (NSV):

  • My kitchen stayed relatively clean all week because I had to keep my dishes clean for more cooking.
  • Because my kitchen stayed clean, I was more motivated to keep the rest of my house picked up. Yay!
  • I actually cooked every meal (or at least threw something together) instead of eating out.
  • I worked out twice last week, even though I didn’t feel like it at all either day.
  • I haven’t really experienced much “carb flu” this time around. I’m crediting this to making sure to drink a lot of water and taking my electrolyte supplements (which I got here).

Some of the side effects (or just random stuff) I’ve been experiencing:

  • Generally speaking, I’ve been better with my kids. Not yelling much, more patient, etc.
  • My sleep has been pretty bleh lately. I have a hard time staying asleep all night. I think this is mostly due to not being able to get the perfect sleeping temperature. I also really struggle with restless leg, and that’s been acting up a lot lately. Time to break out the Natural Calm again.
  • We dealt with some majorly stressful stuff this past week, not to mention terribly dreary weather. I’ve definitely felt some serious stress and anxiety. Today in particular, I’ve felt terrible. However, I’ve gotten through it. I’ve stuck with my diet, when in the past I would have turned to food (carbs in particular) for comfort. I’ve allowed myself to cry and feel bad, and then I’ve worked to get to the next thing I have to look forward to. Sometimes, that’s just afternoon naptime for the kids.

Other thoughts:

  • Erythritol is a fabulous sugar replacement. This is what I’ve been using to sweeten my coffee.
  • Keto pizza crust is a LIFESAVER. We really like pizza in this house, and this stuff is so quick to whip up in my food processor. I actually have a pizza baking in the oven as I write this.
  • I feel really good.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to update on time next week, although I make no guarantees. After all, I have two little goobers demanding my attention.

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