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Mid-Week Update

Day 4 breakfast – strawberry keto protein smoothie. YUM. 

Phew. It’s been a doozy of a week so far. It feels like life has been kicking us in the shins with our finances lately. On top of all of that, we couldn’t find Jesse’s wallet and phone on Tuesday night (right before he goes back to work). When we used Find my iPhone, his phone showed up 6 miles west of our house, where we hadn’t been at all that day.

So I spent a lot of time yesterday (Wednesday) searching the house and the car for his things. Find my iPhone has been known to be unreliable, so I thought maybe one of the girls got the phone and hid it somewhere. I called both our bank and Target to cancel his cards and order new ones (luckily, those are the only debit cards in his wallet. We don’t have any credit cards at all).

Meanwhile, Charlotte was being Charlotte. She is in a phase right now where she’s pretty much INSANELY fussy and frustrating unless she’s eating or watching TV. And even then, she’s often screaming. It’s a phase, but it’s terrible. She’s not much fun to be around these days. With my stress level already at a 9, Charlotte’s behavior put me over the edge all day. On top of all of this, I had no way to contact Jesse, and he was going to have to stay at work late to finish his documentation instead of at home, due to his phone being missing.

Aaaaaaand I was on day 3 of keto eating. I’m going through sugar withdrawal. More than anything, I wanted to Prime Now some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I wanted to eat the girls’ cheez its. I wanted to do nothing but eat and sit on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother.

But. I. Didn’t. I stuck with my plan. The day was horrible, but turning to food to help me feel better is just a temporary fix. It would have wrecked all my progress so far. It wouldn’t really make me feel better. So instead, I pushed through to rest time, when I finally get some time to myself. And I still did things like play Sims 3 and watch How I Met Your Mother instead of cleaning up right away. And then I made a big salad for dinner.

I call that a win.

Also, bonus: Jesse found his wallet on the roof of the car. SMH. The phone is still missing, and I already ordered new cards, but at least Jesse doesn’t need to get a new driver’s license. PHEW.

1 thought on “Mid-Week Update

  1. I’m proud of you for sticking with your plan in the midst of real life. I know for me, knowledge has always been the power that helps me stay with the plan. It sounds like that worked for you too.


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