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29 before 30

Two days ago, I turned 29. I’m officially in the last year of my 20s. How did that happen??? It still boggles my mind that it was seven years ago that I was graduating college, going on concert tour to Italy, then getting married to Jesse. It’s already been almost four years since I finished seminary. Time flies.

So I’ve created a list of 29 things that I want to do before I turn 30. Some of them are things I want to learn. Some of them are fitness goals. Some of them are things to do around the house. Without further ado, here they are!


  1. Be pregnant with surrobaby
  2. Lose at least 45 pounds
  3. Reread Harry Potter series
  4. Read at least 30 books*
  5. Bench press with the 25 lb plates
  6. Learn to do a handstand
  7. Full plank for 90+ seconds
  8. Organize basement
  9. Organize the art closet
  10. Paint bathroom
  11. Paint our room
  12. Finish Totoro painting
  13. Create art for nerdy gallery wall
  14. Crochet dolls for girls’ Xmas gifts
  15. Learn to sew
  16. Learn to embroider
  17. Knit a fancy scarf
  18. Learn three new vocal solos
  19. Build raised bed
  20. Have a vegetable garden
  21. Convert back of shed into chicken coop
  22. Get chickens!
  23. Build new window boxes for front of house
  24. Plant hydrangeas out front
  25. Volunteer at Gorman Heritage Farm
  26. Learn to paint with watercolors
  27. Create a coffee station in dining room
  28. Vacation to Lakeside
  29. Watch all of Classic Who

I got the idea for this list from Elsie Larson, creator of A Beautiful Mess. Here is a link to her original. Her blog is absolutely filled with inspiration. Check it out!

*I’m planning to make a page of all the books I read this year. Feel free to follow along. Or make suggestions! What do you think I should read? 

6 thoughts on “29 before 30

  1. I like #28!


  2. We have so many similar goals! #1 is really cool and I think you are a total rockstar for wanting to do that.


  3. Have you read Red Rising? Or The Lies of Locke Lemora? Or the Mistborn Trilogy? Or Ready Player One?

    Great goals! Best of luck!


    1. I haven’t read any of them! I’ll have to check them out! Right now, I’m working my way through Phillipa Gregory’s Cousins’ War and Tudor Dynasty series. After that, I’m probably going to reread Harry Potter for the 17484926th time. 😆


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