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Welcome! I’m glad you’re here

Hey! Nice to meet you! Or, if you’re among my friends and family, hi again! Thanks for checking out my musings. Feel free to take a look at my About Me page, and drop me a line below so we can get to know one another.

I’m at the beginning of a journey unlike any I’ve experienced before, but in many ways, it’s familiar. I intend to be a gestational carrier, which means that I will be pregnant with someone else’s baby – hence the name of this blog.

I decided to create this blog for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s a place to track my journey, to record my thoughts and feelings in real time. Second, it’s an easy way to share with my friends and family what’s going on. Third, I really appreciated reading other blogs about gestational carrying as I have been doing all of my learning and research about this incredible gift. I hope that other potential carriers may find my blog useful to them.

Finally, I think infertility is an unspoken issue. It’s often misunderstood. My hope is that this blog can help shed some light or bring awareness to the problems of infertility. I want to be clear that I speak from a place of privilege. I have never suffered infertility. I have never suffered a loss. I do not want to speak for those who have. I simply want to shine a light on this issue and those who speak on it. If you notice me speaking out of turn, please call me out.

If the next couple of posts, I’ll explain how I came to want to be a gestational carrier, and I’ll talk a little more about what this actually is. Stay tuned!

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